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Technical Support for Excel Products

     In everything we do, the Dialogic support team is committed to your success. We know that each customerís success is based on unique needs. That is why our Customer Engineering Support Services Group provides a comprehensive suite of industry-leading professional services and support offerings. Services you can count on around the clock and around the world. Whether you are a distributor, VAR, OEM, or service provider, Dialogic has just the right blend of professional services and support plan features to ease your development planning, implementation, system deployment, and the ongoing servicing of your on-line systems. The result is the support you need in real time to leverage your technology investment.

Dialogic's Enhanced Support Plan:

     An industry leading service and support services package will ensure your success. There are several components to this service offering to assist you with development implementation, system deployment, ongoing support, and maintenance of on-line systems. These services are designed to ensure that you have continuous support and repair services available to protect your investment.

Features of this service offering include

  • Remote Technical Support 24 hours a day 365 days a year,

  • Advanced replacement for hardware RMAs,

  • Software fixes, and right to copy license covering the current GA and latest CI software releases.

  • Four (4) days of professional services per year,

  • Two (2) Training seats per year,


Support Plan Details

Professional Service Offerings
Development Assistance and Lab Testing / Benchmarking:

     Dialogicís Services team is pleased to offer this essential service to its customers and new developers interested in saving time and money in the development of their new or customized applications. Whether itís assistance in helping to quickly program the framework for PSTN to IP internetworking, or even IP to IP voice calls between SIP and H.323 environments, Dialogic can provide the hands on expertise that might otherwise take considerable time and investment in development.

 Professional Services Details